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Since I’m always on the hunt for a good steak, I decided to pop into Butcher Block Steakhouse at Mall of the South…



Butcher Block was founded in 2003 by Manuel Savic and has branches across Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

I went to the branch at the Mall of the South. I personally just don’t like the setup of the restaurants at this mall so I don’t quite like the setup of the Butcher Block restaurant either. When I went it was just after lunch so it wasn’t that full but seems like it could get quite crammed on a busy day.

The host there is great. Friendly and attentive. But the only time I saw my waiter was when she took order, brought my food, took my plate once I was done and when I had to call her to get the bill. She didn’t check up on me once. The host did, however, which I appreciated.

I ordered their lunch special which is a 200g rump steak with chips and a glass of Wolftrap wine for R59. I ordered a side of mushroom sauce for my steak as well – I absolutely love mushroom sauce. When my food arrived my chips were cold. It definitely would’ve been nicer if it arrived hot. The meat was good – soft, tender, good quality and done to perfection. The mushroom sauce was great – thick and creamy. The 200g rump steak with a side is usually R115. I’m not sure if I enjoyed my meal enough to pay the usual price for this though.

For the wine lovers out there, their wine list is quite extensive so that’s a thumbs up!

With regards to their overall menu, their Butchers Choice steak toppings and their selection of burgers sound absolutely amazing.

They also have a wide selection of sauces and starters – the starter I really want to try is the black mushrooms topped with cream spinach, garlic sauce oven baked with mature cheddar, mozzarella and feta cheese. Chicken livers are in the mix once again so I really gotta try these things, hehe! They also have a wide selection of combos and includes something for every kind of appetite which is rare. I’m not into desserts but they do sound yummy.

Their land & sea, poultry and salad options didn’t really catch my eye.


200g Rump steak with chips & mushroom sauce and a glass of Wolftrap wine

6.5/10. They haven’t quite grabbed me yet with this one meal so I think I need to test the rest of the menu before I up this score. The service also wasn’t the best. I would try them out again, perhaps not at Mall of the South.



Picture courtesy of Wine Not Pop Up Bar

Picture courtesy of Wine Not Pop Up Bar

I’ve been hearing about this Wine Not thing for quite some time but I’d either heard about it after it’s passed or heard about it when we had already made other plans.

Last week I FINALLY saw it in my Facebook Events stream so we thought, why not? Let’s go!


Wine Not is a pop up bar currently hosted at Levelthree Premium Venue in Kramerville, Sandton on the last Friday of each month. Here, you can order your selection of wines, beers, spirits, coolers and select foods as well as party up a storm in this pop up bar/up-market lounge/club. For those who like live music, there’s a live band too! Business casual is the preferred dress code.



Tickets are available at the door only.

Tickets are R100p.p before 19:00 (with a complimentary glass of wine upon arrival) and R150p.p thereafter. There are two available ticket options: “normal” tickets (general access) and premium access tickets (“VIP” access).

The price for these two tickets are exactly the same but premium access ticket holders have their own section inside. Trust me… these premium tickets are the tickets you want to get! They guarantee you some place to sit if you can’t make it there when the doors open at 16:00.

Premium tickets also need to be “pre-booked” by emailing



This pop up bar is currently hosted at Levelthree Premium Venue in Kramerville, Sandton. The venue is a decent piece of real estate but, personally, I’m not too amped up about the area it’s situated in. On arrival, there is parking lot and street parking available.

The venue has an inside section, which can unfortunately get a bit crammed and a balcony, which has a stunning view of the Sandton skyline. There is seating both inside and on the balcony.

You probably don’t want to be on the balcony in winter. We, unfortunately, had to brave the cold outside because it was way too packed inside. Although there were 1 or 2 gas heaters outside, a suggestion would be to get those fire heaters used by Social On Main.

Bars are available both inside and outside. Food is only available inside.

Although a decently sized venue, I think it has reached it’s capacity with the amount of people who attend and the amount of people it is able to cater to. At 19:30 they sent out a message on their Facebook page saying:

The venue is currently at capacity and we will let more guests in as soon as we are able to. Depending on where you are in the queue it is about 30 minutes to 1 hour wait.



Although this is a wine event, if wine’s not your thing there are beers, spirits and coolers available. Beverage prices are not too far off from the usual restaurant prices. The complimentary glass of wine on arrival definitely gets a thumbs up.

There’s a select food menu available made up of a cheese platter and a selection of sliders. I really don’t think the size of the portion is worth it’s price. Prices ranged between R80 – R120.



From what we could hear from the band, they were quite cool. I love South African live music so much so that as long as there is a band there, I’m happy!



I think if we were able to be there when its doors opened we would have probably been able to get decent seating inside but it was way too packed when we got there. We just kinda hovered around and eventually found our way to the balcony.

View? Amazing. Weather? Not so amazing. We were FREEZING and had to stand for some time before a table eventually opened up.

As the night progressed the balcony became a bit crammed too, unfortunately.



Small, overly priced food portions. Crammed venue. Cold weather (but obviously the event organisers can’t control this). Great live music. 6/10


Perhaps not an event to scratch off the list just yet. That balcony and a beautiful summer’s evening may be just what the experience needs to get the rating to a 7/10.