Hanging With Leanne… is feeling annoyed at the SA on Tap Craft Beer, Food and Music Festival

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I can’t even begin to describe how I’d been looking forward to this event for the past few months, liking each and every post on social media like a complete idiot and, sadly, I was annoyed from the moment I stepped in.

sa on tap


It’s suppose to be the biggest craft beer spectapular 😒

Tickets were R130 online and R150 at the door (if I remember correctly). If you bought your tickets online you got a free beer and obviously a discount, which I thought was awesome! That free beer? You had to go get it at a bar about 5 kms away. Does that honestly make any sense? So that annoyed me from the get-go! Getting upset just thinking about it. Always a thumbs up though for the discount for buying online.

You had to buy tickets according to sessions, which I didn’t like. You don’t want to rush to the event, you don’t want to be limited to the time you are spending at the event and you don’t want to be kicked out of the event.

I didn’t really eat because I had already been put off. They did have grilled sandwiches and pizza slices, which look lovely, and also had those knock-off churro peeps. There was definitely a wide variety of beers available. Wanted to get through all but didn’t because of the time limit – no shocker there! 😒


Growler Brewing Company Lager and RedAle


Riot Real Beer Lager Ale


Drifter Blonde

When I heard it’s being held at the Bell Towers section of Monte, I already had my doubts about the setup – and it was horrible. You can’t use that area for a craft beer event. The food section and the beer & music section was completely separate. There was not a lot of seating area available at the beer and music section because they used a tiny patch of grass. There also wasn’t a lot of cover available. We sat in the sun throughout the entire session. I didn’t enjoy this event at all.


1/10. This event was horrible. I mentioned it on Facebook and the Facebook Community Manager was an absolute dick, which put me off of attending the event ever again completely! I complained about their behaviour via the SA on Tap website and I’d like to give a huge thank you to Gavin for his wonderful customer care approach. Hoping to give this event a better review next year!

What was your experience at the SA on Tap Craft Beer, Food and Music Festival? Let me know!

Never Thirsty at the Sandton Craft Beer Fair

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I’ve seen this event pop up on my Facebook page over the past few years but I’ve always been too broke to go. Not this year! Even if I was broke I was going to go!

Sandton Craft Beer Festival is a craft beer and food festival held in Sandton. 2017 was the 5th instalment of the event.

It was R200 pp.  I thought it was a bit pricey at first but I think the price was absolutely worth it! Great entertainment, great intimate setup, great venue! I was happy!

We ate before we got there – yes, we’re cheap like that – so I didn’t really take note of the food that was available. We did, however, buy churros (MY FAVE!) from some knock off of Paquito’s Treatery. Their churros were decent but they WERE NOT Paquito’s Treatery. I mean who can compare to their milk tart churros (please post me some if you guys see this 😛 ?) The craft Beer selection was awesome! Definitely something for every kind of craft beer lover – my personal favourite is the Cream Ale from 3 Fransen Street. And, thumbs up for the branded cups!

Everything was awesome! The event was held at The Sands in Sandton and I really enjoyed the intimate setup. When you entered, you had all the food, craft beer stalls and some seating and once you went up to the upper deck (not sure if that’s what you referred to it as) you had a wonderful couch seating area close to the pool and music area (it was my first time at The Sands so excuse me if this is the usual setup). It would, however, have been quite packed if you arrived late.

The entertainment was amazing! They included Jerry and the Bandits (love them!), We Are Charlie, Tidal Waves, Desmond and the Tutus and the act that really took me by surprise was Power of Thought and Greedy Greg (Power of Thought’s hands are SOOOOO soft, ladies!). By far some of the best acts I have seen.


Jerry & the Bandits


Greedy Gregg & Power of Thought


We Are Charlie


Tidal Waves

10/10. Loved, loved loved!

What were your thoughts on the the Sandton Craft Beer Fair?

Getting Down and Dirty at Sexpo 2017

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sexpo image


Ah, Sexpo. Over the years I’ve met many people who have attended Sexpo and told me: “You’ve just got to go! It’s so fun!” So, this got me all excited thinking it was a really awesomely nasty and naughty event. Naughty? Maybe if you’re not familiar with the stuff on display. Nasty? Yes but definitely not in a sexy way.

Sexpo is an annual sexual lifestyle.

General access tickets were R150 and VIP tickets were R299.

Although I was determined to go this year, I grew increasingly less excited the closer it got to buying tickets. I honestly believed that the setup would be a dull expo setup that leaves you with absolutely nothing to do once you have checked out each stall and I didn’t think that experience was worth the price even if general access was only was R150. I was right!

We went on the Wednesday and received a R50 discount and I honestly don’t think this event is even worth R100, let alone R150 or even R300 for VIP access.

I didn’t really eat at the event so I can’t really comment on the food and they also didn’t have the best selection of beers and ciders. If I remember correctly it was slightly overpriced.

The stalls were a complete let down. Nothing amazing or out of the ordinary, unless you are not familiar with what’s out there. The main stage? Oh, what a failure! We managed to catch some strippers from Teazers on stage. That show was horrible. There was, however, a decent dance act called ‘Hot In The City’. They were decent – not incredible or amazing or spectacular but decent.

The emcee kept giving out lube for some reason – I’m sure there were better “prizes” that could’ve been handed out. Who really wants lube? They did eventually hand out tickets for the Thunder From Down Under show. Now that was a treat! I’m not really one for male strippers but their show was the only amazingly entertaining show we saw so I’ll give a big ups where it’s due! I didn’t get a lap dance, unfortunately. This is definitely one to see for a fun, naughty night out with the girls.

The lounges were on a floor separate from the expo setup. It was about R50 to get in. By this time we were already disappointed so we weren’t prepared to pay even more for this let down. Sadly, we paid to go into Teazers. What a mistake! We saw two 5-minute strip show – yes, that’s how long a girl stayed on stage then you had to wait another hour until another one pitched up on stage. It was horrible. It was traumatising. The strip industry in South Africa is appalling.

1/10. Will definitely not be going again!

Oyster, Food and Wine Festival 2016 – Monte Casino

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Here’s a bit of a late one!

I have been crazy busy on my side and haven’t had much time (or data) to upload recent event pictures.

Here’s some pictures from this year’s Oyster, Food and Wine Festival 2016 that took place at Monte Casino.

We attended on the Friday which meant ample seating space. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much entertainment. Oysters and wine were great, although, there were many complaints of food poisoning from those who attended on the Saturday and Sunday. That was sad to hear because the oysters we had on the Friday were so fresh and yummy.

The prawns and rice was tasty too but I have to say that garlic butter prawns would’ve been so much better.

The cheese we had from Lorian’s Cheeses was fresh and tasty as usual. You can never go wrong with them!

We bought a bottle of champagne as well. I, unfortunately, can’t comment on whether it was good or not because I’m not really one for champagne.

Yes, it is months later (apologies!!!) but how did you find this year’s Oyster, Food and Wine Festival?


































Happy Chinese New Year 2016: Celebrating the Year of the Monkey

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A few weeks ago we headed over to First Chinatown in Commissioner Street, Johannesburg CBD to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year celebrations, organized by the Chinese Association Gauteng, take place annually in the two Chinatown’s in the Joburg CBD, Commissioner Street (old Chinatown) and Cyrildene (new Chinatown).

In Chinese culture, New Year celebrations usually run from the evening before the first day until the Lantern Festival, on the 15th day of the first calendar month. The first day of the New Year falls on the new moon between 21 January and 20 February.

First Chinatown didn’t disappoint as they welcomed their new year with colourful and vibrant performances which included Chinese drumming, dancing and singing, tai chi and kung fu displays, lion and dragon performances and an amazing fireworks display.


The highlights of the evening for me were definitely the dragon and lion dances as well as the fireworks display which lit up the Joburg CBD skies beautifully.

The dragon and lion dances are a form of traditional dance and performance in Chinese culture and is usually performed at festive celebrations like the New Year. During the dragon dance the team of performers carry a dragon structure, with a recommended size of 34 meters and is divided into 9 major sections, on poles and mimic the movements of this mystical creature. In Chinese culture, the dragon is thought to possess attributes of great power, wisdom, fertility and dignity, amongst others.


The lion dance, on the other hand, is performed by two people inside a lion figure who perform movements that mimic Chinese martial arts. During New Year celebrations and other festivals, the lion visits stores within the Chinese community to perform the custom called “cai qing” (採青) translated to “plucking the greens”, where the lion picks vegetables strung up outside the store by a pole or layed out on a table as well as the red envelope attached to it which contains money and maybe fruits. During this performance, the lion dances and approaches the greens and envelope, eating the greens and spitting out its contents and keeping the red envelope as a reward. In Chinese culture, it is believed that the lion dance brings good luck and good fortune to the business. In this particular performance we witnessed, the lion also lit fireworks in front of each store after performing the cai qing custom. The longer the fireworks went off, the more prosperous the coming year would be for the respective business.

On the Chinese calendar, 2016 is the year of the monkey, which begins on 8 February 2016 – 27 January 2017. The monkey is the 9th animal in the 12 animal Chinese zodiac, with a monkey year occurring every 12 years. 2016 is the year of the fire monkey, whose character is ambitious and adventurous, but irritable.




Garden of Lights – Emperor’s Palace

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You know how people older than you tell you about how when they were younger they’d go watch the Christmas lights being turned on in some or other street in Johannesburg and how you’ve seen this before as well? And, you kinda just sit there like o-kay?

Well, for those of us who really can’t relate (or recall), we can now make similar memories of our own at the annual Emperor’s Palace Garden of Lights!

The Garden of Lights is a wonderland of Christmas light displays in the gardens of the D’oreale Grande hotel at Emperor’s Palace. In 2015, the Garden of Lights took place from 5 December 2015 – 4 January 2016 from 19:00 – 22:00.

I’ve always seen much hype about it on social media and really wanted to go and check it out. We tried going on Christmas Eve but it was just the worst time to go because the queues were CRAZY. On our second attempt on 3 January 2016, we went a bit earlier and were lucky enough to get in!

Although Christmas is long gone, I still think these are worth a share!














IMG_5045 IMG_5059