Coffee and Chocolate Festival Cape Town 2017… disappointing!

It's A Date

Late, I know! Work’s been busy and no Internet access at home, but i was out at the Coffee & Chocolate Festival Cape Town this weekend and oh my, what a disappointment. Even the SA on Tap Craft Beer and Music Festival was better and you know how I hated that.



It was held at the Durbanville Racecourse so the venue was absolutely shit, literally (yes, I am swearing, that’s how bad it was). You really don’t want to be walking in random shit when you’re trying to make your way around. There was really no effort in presentation from the event organisers and and from the vendors. Stage looked sad. Vendor stands looks sad. Toilets… horrible. I hate those portable blue toilets. Please find out from Monte Casino where they hire their toilets from.



Boring. Went alone because I was “in a working capacity” but even then you should enjoy yourself and feel some sort of ambience in the air but nothing! Food… nothing outstanding. There were like two craft beer stalls (if I’m mistaken, I’m sorry). But I found new live music peeps to check out so that’s a positive (will post that soonest). There was Coffee In A Cone, always a plus, and the Chocolate Demo by Beyers Chocolates wasn’t too bad either! Other than that it was terrible.  Seriously disappointing. I realise now why they record those website videos in Johannesburg.


Chocolate Demo with Beyers Chocolates



Layered Chocolate Dessert (left) and Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate (right)



Lager Ale from Riot Beer


Death By Chocolate Stout from Havoc Brew



Chocolate Mousse (right) and Layered Chocolate Dessert (left)



Chocolate Pretzel Monsters



Chocolate Dippers



I’ll share some stuff over the next few days, dudes.


RATING: 1/10.


Did you enjoy it? Or, did you absolutely hate it too? Let me know! xxx


It’s Coffee & Chocolate Festival Cape Town 2017 this weekend: Let’s recap JHB 2016!

It's A Date

It’s the Coffee and Chocolate Festival Cape Town 2017 this weekend! Whoop-whoop!


Now, I’m not a big fan of chocolate and I’ve cut down quite massively on coffee but I’ve always just loved the vibe at the festival. Nothing quite like lazing in winter sun with great food, cold beer and great live music.

Unfortunately, I missed the Coffee and Chocolate Festival Johannesburg earlier this year since I was driving down to Cape Town so I’m super keen to check it out down here. But one thing that stuck out last year at the Jo’burg league of the festival last year was that the vibe wasn’t quite there. The music line-up wasn’t particularly amazing except for The Graeme Watkins Project and even though they pulled in Lady Lea, her set was quite a let down so I’m not sure what to expect this year.

It’s bound to be the usual in Cape Town though: some coffee over here, chocolate over there, a workshop here and a pairing there. I’m not too familiar with the music line-up except for Sean Hayz (yes, from The Motherland, my all-time fave Jo’burg band so super excited for him).

Anyway… didn’t take many pics last year but here are some short snippets of performances by The Motherland, The Graeme Watkins Project and Lady Lea!


The Motherland

The Graeme Watkins Project


Lady Lea


See you this weekend 😉 !

It’s Pure & Crafted SA Festival 2017 this weekend – Let’s revisit 2016!

It's A Date

It’s Pure & Crafted SA Festival 2017 this weekend. Let’s revisit 2016…


Pure & Crafted SA Festival 2016 was two-day music, motorcycle and new heritage festival held at Ground venue in Muldersdrift on 26 and 27 November 2016 and is inspired by the German Pure & Crafted festival.

I was lucky enough to win two weekend pass tickets (YAY!) so I was super excited. However, from what I saw, it was expected to be a motorcycle festival so I wasn’t too sure on what to expect and went into it a bit sceptical; but, boy, did it surprise me!


The event was held at Ground venue in Muldersdrift – a bit far out but I absolutely love just getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city so that was a plus for me. Although mostly full when we got there, there was still ample parking as well as security on-site. The checking in process was quick, easy and well-controlled (at least when we got there). Only downer when walking in was the hay and sand at the entrance, especially after it rained on day 1.

The event organisers made good use of all the plot space. Although the different sections were quite spread out, whatever was happening at one section didn’t interfere with what was happening at another- total thumbs up!
The toilet facilities were terrible. They were the usual portable toilets, which I HATE! They just feel so unhygienic and I just feel so dirty after using it. Guess I’m probably just use to the toilets used for the outdoor Monte Casino events.

Great selection of food but limited selection of drinks. Can’t remember who the beer sponsor was but I recall I wasn’t too happy with it but drank it anyway.

Milk tart churros from Paquitos Treatery

Gajoun chicken strips and salad from Sumthing Fresh

There were three music stages: Main Stage (big acts), Forest Stage (club vibes) and the Munich Beer Stage (covers and old people). We popped in at all three and there was something for everyone. Although there were big acts including Prime Circle and The Parlotones, we didn’t really enjoy the main stage entertainment much. I enjoyed the Bad Peter performance at the Main Stage on day 1 and the Forest Stage was such fun come night-time – what a party. On day 2, Mi Casa took the cake!

There wasn’t much to see at the exhibitor tents. The BMW Vintage Museum, though small, was super cool. Motorcycles were absolute beauties. The stunt section was a let-down too. Nothing amazing. If you did want to learn how to ride, there was that too.

What I liked about the vibe at this festival was that it was quite chilled. It wasn’t too packed or rowdy.

BMW Vintage Museum

This year they’ve cut it down to a one-day festival – understandable since day 2 was quieter than day 1. There are two international acts and 18 South African acts (about the same as last year if I’m not mistaken). They have, however, cut down on the number of stages, opting for only two stages: The Four Cylinder stage and the Vintage stage. Most of the line-up is made up of house, dance and electronic acts – also understandable since the Forest Stage was the more popular stage last year.

Windhoek is the beer partner for the 2017 festival. I, personally, don’t like Windhoek so the beer sponsor is a let down again. Progues Whiskey is the whiskey sponsor. I can’t really comment here because I don’t do whiskey.

I haven’t seen anything else that sticks out. However, if last year’s festival is anything to go by I’d say tomorrow is bound to be a super awesome day. Even if the entertainment isn’t up to scratch or bikes are just not your thing, it’s an awesome day out in the sun and out of the city.

Be sure to check it out tomorrow (30 September), 11am – 2am at Ground venue in Muldersdrift. Pre-sold tickets are R250 and tickets at the door are R300 (both excluding ticket fees and credit card commission)



  • Wear boots
  • Take a picnic blanket
  • An umbrella (for rain or shine)
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Be prepared to walk
  • Drinkers, get a taxi
  • If you’re planning on staying late, arrange to sleep over at accommodation in the area

Enjoy, lovelies! xxx


Let's Eat!, Reviews

Finally did Moyo! And, just in time for Heritage Day!




Moyo is a South African-based restaurant dedicated to African dining with 5 stores situated across South Africa. The word moyo is of Swahili decent and means heart.


Their food is authentically African with dishes ranging from smokey boerewors rolls; to heart-warming potjies; crocodile; and yip, you guessed it, mopani worms! We kept it fairly safe, though, taking our tastebuds on a trip down to Durban with a lamb curry bunny chow and a side of fries and down to Morocco with a zucchini, brinjal and mushrooms vegetarian stew – both were absolutely divine. Their servings are also quite large and filling, with us joking that their fries are basically halved potatoes hehe, so there was really no space for any dessert.

Ushaka lamb bunny chow

Ushaka lamb bunny chow: Delicious Durban style lamb curry in home baked bunny chow bread, served with carrot salad and raita

Zucchini, brinjal And mushroom smoor

Zucchini, brinjal And mushroom smoor: Moroccan inspired slow cooked vegetable stew of zucchini, brinjal and mushrooms, with toasted flaked almonds, grilled peppers and chickpeas served with couscous

Their drinks menu is quite extensive so you’re sure to get something to suit what you’re into. Because it was a particularly scorching day in Cape Town, I settled for my go-to: Miller Genuine Draft.


Love the décor. Pity I didn’t get many pics of it but it is so African yet so beautifully modern. Music isn’t too bad but may not be to everyone’s liking. Tourists would love it though because it would be something different.

Our waitress was a trainee but the service was great! She was attentive, friendly and helpful. And, in true Moyo-style, we were offered their unique African face painting experience. Been meaning to do it forever so I was in my element!

Moyo Kirstenbosch

Really not exorbitant at all with the cheapest meal (a starter) starting at R45. If you’re on a bit of a tight budget, you can get away with splitting the bill while enjoying amazing food.

10/10! Really enjoyed my time here and would gladly go back again to try more exotic dishes.

Have you been to Moyo? How did you find the menu and the service? Which one did you go to? Does your experience get a thumbs up or a thumbs down? Let me know!


Let's Eat!, Reviews

I was fortunate enough to be invited to try out Urbanologi‘s new winter menu this past Saturday and my was it amazing!

urbanology logo


Urbanologi is an Asian Fusion restaurant situated at the 1 Fox Precinct in Ferreirasdorp, Johannesburg and is based inside the Mad Giant Brewery. Together, they work alongside each other to come up with flavours that make for the perfect food and beer (or wine) pairing combinations for patrons to enjoy.

giant image


We tasted six dishes either pairing it with the recommendation on the menu or with a drink recommended to us by our waiter.

1. Tempura Shimejii Mushroom with tamarind dressing and butternut purée paired with Mad Giant Electric Light Weiss

The butternut puree and tamarind dressing was very yummy. I was particularly fond of the tamarind dressing with it’s sweet/sour undertones. It definitely adds a little something extra to the dish.


Tempura Shimejii Mushroom with tamarind dressing and butternut purée paired with Mad Giant Electric Light Weiss


2. Marjoram Cured Lamb Rib Kushiyaki served with fresh oak wood teriyaki and roast apple paired with Mad Giant Electric Light Weiss

The meat was tender and soft- always a good thing!


Marjoram Cured Lamb Rib Kushiyaki served with fresh oak wood teriyaki and roast apple paired with Mad Giant Electric Light Weiss


3. Gamefish Tataki with orange, nori, sesame emulsion and pork crackling paired with gin and tonic

This entire dish just works. The citrus undertones are amazing. We paired it with Gin and Tonic, which is not a recommendation on the menu but the lime from the gin blended right in. Definitely a pairing to try!


Gamefish Tataki with orange, nori, sesame emulsion and pork crackling paired with gin and tonic 


4. Heirloom Baby Carrots with star anise and orange blossom labneh and kumquat marmalade paired with Boschendal Chardonnay

This one is said to be quite popular so I just had to try it. What stands out for me with this dish is the liquorice and citrus undertones throughout. It literally tasted like the orange coloured liquorice sweet – yum yum yum!


Heirloom Baby Carrots with star anise and orange blossom labneh and kumquat marmalade paired with Boschendal Chardonnay


5. Coal Fired Broccoli with smoked Gorgonzola cream and broccoli gremolata paired with Boschendal Chardonnay

This one was the best! You wouldn’t expect much from it but dynamite definitely comes in small packages. Words actually cannot describe how amazing the broccoli and gorgonzola cream tastes. For me, the entire dish is just so warm and hearty and, if mash was on the menu, it would be so amazing if it were topped on some mash alongside a yummy piece of steak. Hope this one stays on the menu FOREVER!


Coal Fired Broccoli with smoked Gorgonzola cream and broccoli gremolata paired with Boschendal Chardonnay


6. Ginger Malva with like leaf ice-cream and popcorn soil paired with Hanepoot

I’m not really one for desserts but this one was good. The lime and ginger works so well together and when paired with the Hanepoot, another recommendation from our waiter, it just takes this dessert to another level.


Ginger Malva with like leaf ice-cream and popcorn soil paired with Hanepoot



I was taken through the brewery as well. Definitely something to try just to give you some insight into the process the beer goes through before it gets to us – and, even better, it’s really not that expensive!



Last time I went there (or tried to) the service was very disappointing. We stood at the door and no one even paid attention to us and that was just a let down for me so we left and sat in the Mad Giant Beer Garden instead. This time around, the service was awesome. Our waiter was so sweet and friendly and always made sure the table was cleared and ready for the next dish. I can’t really say if this is how the service usually is or whether it was just because of who I was with, hehehe.



It’s not that pricey but you definitely have to have some cash if you want to taste a wide variety of items on the menu. Even if you do find the pricing to be quite high, it’s definitely worth it.



10/10! Very hard to get this from me. The last time I had food this good was at La Colombe. Thumbs up to the chef and brewers for amazing food, amazing beer and overall amazing pairings. Can’t wait to try the rest of the menu. A special shout out to Eben! The time there was amazing.


Have you been to Urbanologi? How did you find the menu and the service? Did you love it or absolutely hate it? Let me know!




Meet Me At The Bar

Beerhouse, in partnership with local craft beer breweries, often host a series of free Beer School sessions where attendees are offered a free beer tasting and discussion session with the respective brewery for that week’s session. Beer School was hosted by Mad Giant three weeks ago (yes, I know it’s late) with their brewer, Eben.

mad giant

[PICTURE COURTESY OF Beerhouse Fourways Facebook page]

The meaning of the name Mad Giant can be broken into two: ‘Mad’ refers to a person and ‘Giant’ refers to a dream; put it together and the name embodies the idea about people pursuing their dreams. The name is represented by a giant with one eye and this symbolises the founder’s take on a dream, i.e. It might be scary, unrealistic and awkward but you should always keep one eye on the prize no matter what. This speaks quite closely to the founder’s own life. He’s always dreamed of making beer so he finally started Mad Giant three years ago, eventually opening up their own brewery in the Johannesburg CBD last year.


1. Guzzler – 4.8% ABV


This is an easy drinking Pilsner. It’s very dark in colour, malty and not as bitter as the usual Pilsners. It’s dry hopped and even though this is more expensive, it does make the beer more enjoyable.

VERDICT: I really enjoyed this one actually. It’s probably that honey  and subdued lemon undertones.


2. Electric Light – 4.5% ABV


This is Mad Giant’s Weiss beer, which is also their top selling beer. It’s the lightest beer in terms of alcohol and bitterness. Mad Giant’s Weiss is unfiltered because they believe this not only gives the beer a more creamier texture but also livens it up. Their Weiss is also quite dry compared to others but this makes it more drinkable. It has very light clove and banana aromas, with hints of pineapple more prominent when tasting it.

VERDICT: I’m don’t really enjoy Weiss beers. I did, however, enjoy the banana aromas. Can you maybe use it to give a twist to a lager?


3. Killer Hop – 5.0% ABV


This is their Pale Ale. It hints of litchi, grapefruit and is quite sweet since they’ve toned down the bitterness to make it more drinkable for our climate. It also works well in Summer because it’s easily drinkable. Just like their Pilsner it’s also dry hopped.

VERDICT: I didn’t really enjoy. That’s just because I don’t like ales.


4. Urban Legend – 5.5% ABV


Urban Legend is their American Pale Ale (IPA). IPAs are usually more bitter and more hoppy with a high ABV. Theirs is unfiltered so this assists in not ruining the flavour. They specifically use various ‘tricks’ in their brewing process so that it doesn’t taste too bitter and maintains strong hints of banana, florals, citrus and sweetness. Although the usual ABV is 5.5%, the batch we tasted was 6%.

VERDICT: Even though I usually don’t like ales of any kind and found it very fruity, I enjoyed it. Definitely those hints of banana again. Smells great!


5. True Grit – 5.0% ABV


True Grit is Mad Giant’s Amber Ale. It’s an American Amber Ale but it’s not as hoppy. It’s a roasted malt, visible by its colour. It has hints of caramel, chocolate and coffee. The beer’s name is inspired by his dad, who truly embodies the meaning behind having true grit. His dad always dreamed of flying and having his own plane but never had the money to do so. He finally got some plans together and got started on building his own plane. This took 9 years. Once completed the pilot inspected the plane, they took it out for a ‘test drive’ and while they were up in the air the engine died – they had to make an emergency landing and dropped. The injuries left his dad hospitalised for two months. When he got out, he tried version two! The moral of story is follow your dreams and have the balls to try and try again.

VERDICT: Liked this one!



  • IPAs usually don’t sell that well in South Africa. In America, however, it outsells Lager because it tends to be more fruitier than the IPA’s made in South Africa.  We, unfortunately, can’t make ours as fruity as theirs because the hops needed for that are more expensive since you’re getting it from America.
  • How to taste beer: Swirl, don’t dive in. Lightly swing passed nose. 1 second sniff. Cover glass with one hand and swirl then do two second sniff. Then drink beer and exhale through nose (this is called ‘retro nasal’).
  • A Weiss is referred to as a breakfast beer by Germans.
  • Beer on tap always tastes better and is much more fresher than bottled beer. This is because kegs provide protection and tend to rotate faster than bottles. Beer in kegs also doesn’t get any direct sunlight so its temperature fluctuation is slower, especially with hoppy beers. Darker beers do, however, taste better in bottles.
  • All Mad Giant’s beers are dry hopped except for their Weiss. Some beers are more dry hopped than others.
  • When a beer is dark in colour this means it’s made from roasted malt. Darker beers sell well in winter and are also more fitting for winters too.
  • Don’t eat, smoke or wash your hands before tasting beer .
  • ‘Pilsner’ is said to originate from town called Pilsen.


Have you attended Beerhouse’s Beer School before? Did you attended this session? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know!


Meet Me At The Bar

Beerhouse, in partnership with local craft beer breweries, often host a series of free Beer School sessions where attendees are offered a free beer tasting and discussion session with the respective brewery for that week’s session. Last week’s brewery was Embombi hosted by their brewer, Thabiso.

embombi pic

[PICTURE COURTESY OF Beerhouse Fourways Facebook page]

Embombi is a local craft beer brewery based in Kyalami, where they use Brewhogs’ facilities to brew their beer. Their name is derived from the local South African term ‘embombi’ which means ‘let’s have a drink’ or ‘to drink’.

Embombi only uses local ingredients in their beers and, though, they currently only produce and sell their Embombi Premium Lager, they are looking at launching more beers next year – at the moment they brew about 9 000 litres of beer a month and aim to gradually increase this to about 25 000.

Their beers are available in kegs and bottles at about 48 restaurants and their marketing strategy intentionally aims to penetrate restaurants instead of bottles stores, which is why it would probably be hard finding this at your nearest bottle store.


Embombi Premium Lager

The Embombi Premium Lager takes some time to ferment, which is what results in its fresh, crisp taste. It’s brewed to meet commercial beer and craft beer right in the middle with its smoothness compared to the smoothness of a Stella Artois or a Heineken; whilst its taste has undertones of caramel amber which gives it its fruitiness. Consumers describe its taste as slightly bitter, yet fruity. Thabiso says this is what makes Embombi’s lager unique in SA’s craft beer industry.

VERDICT: I didn’t really enjoy it. My lager doesn’t need to be confused. It should either be bitter or… bitter – not something in-between bitter and fruity but I personally just don’t enjoy fruity beers. But for people who don’t want their craft beer too bitter nor too fruity, it’s perfect!



  • Before increasing the local distribution of your beer, it’s important to consider logistics like packaging and local weather conditions during long-distance transportation to avoid issues like your beer going sour by the time it reaches its destination, for example.


What do you think of Embombi’s Premium Lager? Let me know!


Beer School with Beerhouse and Frontier Beer Company

Meet Me At The Bar

Beerhouse, in partnership with local craft beer breweries, often host a series of free Beer School sessions where attendees are offered a free beer tasting and discussion session with the respective brewery for that week’s session. Last week’s brewery was Frontier Beer Company hosted by their brewer, Brendan.

beer school frontier

[PICTURE COURTESY OF Beerhouse Fourways Facebook page]

Frontier Beer Company is a craft beer brewery located in Pretoria. Their beers are predominantly available on tap but they’ve just recently started bottling.


1. LAGER – 4.6% ABV


The Frontier Beer Company’s Lager is an old-style lager that’s been brewed to taste familiar and contains more Saaz hops than any other beer in South Africa.  It has no maize and is slightly more bitter than their previous lager.

VERDICT: I really enjoyed this one – very crisp.


2. PALE ALE – 5% ABV


This beer has no name as yet and is referred to by its Saaz hops code at the moment. It is an experimental beer brewed using an SAB hop. This hop would typically be used in ales with a citrus flavour that is quite evident.

VERDICT: I don’t enjoy fruity beers so this one wasn’t quite for me.


3. RED RYE ALE – 4.8% ABV


This is a different kind of amber ale because rye is a key ingredient used during the brewing process. It contains 3 types of rye: pale, caro and roasted rye. This is evident in the hints of coffee/chocolate flavour that comes through while drinking it.

VERDICT: Not my usual but I enjoyed it.


4. DOUBLE IPA/Big Boy – 7% ABV


This IPA is referred to as a Double IPA or the ‘Big Boy” because it contains double the alcohol strength and hops. It is the second highest rated IPA on tap. It’s made to be quite juicy, unfiltered and earthy with hints of pineapple and mango to make it a rounder and more satisfying beer. This is typically a winter IPA.

VERDICT: This one was a bit too fruity for me and didn’t enjoy it much.



  • Brewers need to wait to have the right technology for bottling to avoid the beer going bad once it’s been bottled.
  • Hops are difficult to grow in South Africa since it prefers European climates.


I’m really going to try and make it to all the scheduled sessions over the next few weeks! Have you attended Beerhouse’s Beer School before? Did you attended this session? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know!


Let's Eat!, Reviews

Since I’m always on the hunt for a good steak, I decided to pop into Butcher Block Steakhouse at Mall of the South…



Butcher Block was founded in 2003 by Manuel Savic and has branches across Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

I went to the branch at the Mall of the South. I personally just don’t like the setup of the restaurants at this mall so I don’t quite like the setup of the Butcher Block restaurant either. When I went it was just after lunch so it wasn’t that full but seems like it could get quite crammed on a busy day.

The host there is great. Friendly and attentive. But the only time I saw my waiter was when she took order, brought my food, took my plate once I was done and when I had to call her to get the bill. She didn’t check up on me once. The host did, however, which I appreciated.

I ordered their lunch special which is a 200g rump steak with chips and a glass of Wolftrap wine for R59. I ordered a side of mushroom sauce for my steak as well – I absolutely love mushroom sauce. When my food arrived my chips were cold. It definitely would’ve been nicer if it arrived hot. The meat was good – soft, tender, good quality and done to perfection. The mushroom sauce was great – thick and creamy. The 200g rump steak with a side is usually R115. I’m not sure if I enjoyed my meal enough to pay the usual price for this though.

For the wine lovers out there, their wine list is quite extensive so that’s a thumbs up!

With regards to their overall menu, their Butchers Choice steak toppings and their selection of burgers sound absolutely amazing.

They also have a wide selection of sauces and starters – the starter I really want to try is the black mushrooms topped with cream spinach, garlic sauce oven baked with mature cheddar, mozzarella and feta cheese. Chicken livers are in the mix once again so I really gotta try these things, hehe! They also have a wide selection of combos and includes something for every kind of appetite which is rare. I’m not into desserts but they do sound yummy.

Their land & sea, poultry and salad options didn’t really catch my eye.


200g Rump steak with chips & mushroom sauce and a glass of Wolftrap wine

6.5/10. They haven’t quite grabbed me yet with this one meal so I think I need to test the rest of the menu before I up this score. The service also wasn’t the best. I would try them out again, perhaps not to Mall of the South.